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Massage Your Message

Vegemite Billboard

What’s in a word? A sentence? A question? A lot actually . The nuance of a message can be the pure genius or downfall of an interview, new product launch or campaign.

We spend a lot of time working with our clients to tease out their message. Whether it be for their personal brand, a product launch or preparing for issues. The only way to get good at it – is practice and time. And perfect execution only comes with practice.

Take for example these two recent campaigns we worked on with KidsCo and Vegemite respectively:

KidsCo – put simply, KidsCo are a school holiday minding program.

When they came to us; the defined their business through the marketing positioning on their website. Strong but not conversational “KidsCo – we put the sunspace in the office place”. Through our speak workshops we developed a stronger narrative that in fact helped land them into a 24 hours news cycle. The key take out was – elevating the narrative to talk about what they were disrupting and who they were helping…in a key central message.

KidsCo – KIDSCO help families during the busy school holiday period by running an innovative child minding service at the parents place of work.

Vegemite – We recently worked with Thinkerbell and Vegemite to launch the new campaign Tastes Like Australia.

The nuance we focussed on with our client in this instance was what Vegemite as a brand were truly saying. It was important that the brand was talking to ALL Australians…The creative selection of each of the talent in the add was to ensure the new TVC represented a broad cross section of Australia. There for, of rah brand Vegemite to comment on the specifics of the inclusion of Pauline Hanson or otherwise simply wasn’t the point. Rather than giving opinions, we were creating a commentary. With the purpose of the add to almost get Australia to ask themselves a questions…what does Australia taste like to you?

We wouldn’t say for example in response to : Why is Pauline Hanson in the ad – “Whether you love her or loath her; she’s part of our history” – that’s an opinion…what you might say is…” Pauline Hanson like many other politicians have played a dynamic role in shaping our political landscape…etc”

The point is in discussing all of the above. There is an art to creating a good message that will not only help promote your brand but protect it from criticism.


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